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domingo, 2 de enero de 2011

the way she should

Today was kind of strange. after dreaming with a swimming pool that was in a graveyard and getting up at midday, my mother (who had been upset with us for the last three days) said she wanted to talk with the three of us (me and my two sisters) 
After a long conversation full of vent and relieve i'm positive things will go better. Sometimes it is necessary a little of family therapy. And now I have much more responsibility since this semester  i will be paying my college.
I guess growing time has come

So after that I decided to get some relax: Made some pop corn, a mango-passion fruit frozen juice and saw Paris Blues. A lovely movie with Louis Armstrong and Paul Newman. If you like jazz you should see this, here i captured some frames. 

The film is full of jazz music, black and white, paris, love, roof parties, long walkings, trombone and armstrong trumpet (dare yo haven't guess) 

Now i'm listening to: I got it bad (and that ain't good) 
from The Great Summit Album.  they say Armstrong and Ellington stay in the same hotel in paris while the movie-shooting of this. then they decided to record the great summit . highly recommended.

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