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domingo, 2 de enero de 2011


I find myself with so much time nowadays. The past six months had been ridiculous stressing since i had to study (finishing communication in the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru) and work  at the same time. Now that I'm on college vacations my spare time has increased and I'm a little scared of turning unproductive.
That's why today I started playing with photoshop and this is the result (not the least one I hope) 

ps. Originally it was a photo of myself in a swimming pool,  then i put a layer of a nebulosa and added on top of my left hand a lovely mythological deer of caitlin hackett (her work is stunning) on my right arm i have an aromatic lemon tree of lord frederick leighton
the feathers are from the poster of black swan. i can't wait to see that movie. does anyone know if i can get it at polvos azules?

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