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miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

Leonie Purchas

Someday, in the last two years, Susana Pastor, my first photography college teacher, showed us a photowork of some guy (i can't remember the name) who had shot his family in a particularly way. The photos were most of them dramatically strong. I can remember an old, alcoholic and wrinkled man living with a fat curly haired woman. A hysteric cat jumping out of the frame, and some guy (probably the brother of the photographer) who used to fight with the father and there was blood and chaos everywhere. 

The subliminal thing was in the composition (the order in which the photos are shown)The most powerful images were balanced with landscapes images, the close up of a leaf...a sun ray in the lake. I remember images that had focus only in little spots...These were spaces where the eye could rest. Spaces that allowed fresh air came into mind. It allowed you to take a deep breath and then continue seeing without dizzying. Although i haven't found his photos (I promise to found them and post them soon) here are some images of Leonie Purchas who has, also, a deep and dark look of his family.

Someday I will take photos of my family too. Somehow (I don't know yet) I can see my family in this photos too.


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