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sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

My lunch today ♥

Today I ate the best "sweaty fish" I have ever ate
What's the secret? I was thinking... while tasting those exotic flavours
Then I realized it had to do with the love of a mother

This weekand I have met an special woman, a strong one. It's a wolfmother, she prepared lunch today and i was stunned by the sweaty fish she did.

I'm having sweetdays with my boyfriend. I love him, and it's kind of strange I say this here; Since I used to think love between a man and a woman is like believing in Santa Claus.

But I'm moving with him
Why me? -he asks me sometimes-
but that's another story.

Here I leave the receipe for "sweaty fish"
1. A fish (a big one, or many small ones. It depends on you :)
2.  squid / shellfish
3. seaweed
4.  onion
5. tomato
7. ginger
8. garlic and yellow chillie

In a bowl put the fish and season it with salt, vinegar and pepper 
Then in a frying pan put garlic and yellow chillie, after stir it a little, add the onion and tomato
Wait until the onion and tomato juice start to get hot
So, it's moment to add the fish, squids and sellfish 
Finally, add  ginger and seaweed.

When the fish is ready, serve it in plates (soup dishes)
Add a lovely, half green and half yellow, little lemon.

Eat it with manioc and enjoy living ♥